First Nations Child and Family Services Joint National Policy Review: Final Report, June 2000

A report on the findings of a national review on the policies of the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada respecting First Nations Child and Family Services. The report begins with an overview of contemporary socio-economic conditions of First Nations children, youth and families and then moves onto document the concerns of First Nations and government. Of note in the data gathered is the challenge of sufficient and sustained funding for community capacity building. Community healing approaches and plans need to be supported politically and financially through the positive development of policy which has long term goals and importance. Of great import is the recommendation concerning the inadequacy of the present funding formula in respect to prevention programs and initiatives. The funding problems faced by First Nations agencies does not allow them to fully support children, youth, and families in need of help.


McDonald, R-A. J., & Ladd, P.,

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Assembly of First Nations

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