Touchstones of Hope

The Touchstones of Hope reconciliation movement encourages grassroots approaches to caring for Indigenous children (Reconciliation in Child Welfare), respectful collaboration and work with Indigenous peoples (Reconciliation in Canada) and young people participating in reconciliation initiatives (Children and Youth + Reconciliation). The movement allows for respectful and meaningful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples to occur. 


When the Touchstones of Hope were first conceived the focus was on reconciliation in child welfare. This remains a priority for the Caring Society and many others, though it is with gratitude and joy that the Touchstones of Hope have been successfully implemented across a wide variety of contexts. This includes reconciliation in workplace environments, education, health care and much more.

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  • An information sheet on the Touchstones of Hope and Bill C-92. Read it here and contact us for more info in the Touchstones Tool Kit!


  • The Caring Society's positions on the long-term reform of the First Nations Child and Family Services program. 

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