What You Can Do

No matter who you are or where you’re from, you can take peaceful and respectful actions to stand with First Nations and all children to make a better Canada.

photo of children standing outside holding colourful hand painted signs reading, fairness now, l’équité maintenance, ayes un coeur, reconciliation and Jordan

Ways to Make a Difference

Ways to make a difference for First Nations children and their families.

photo of a collection of colourful prize ribbons. Each ribbon has a circular image in the middle of the ruffle that represents the paricular award – the Jordan’s Principle logo, a photo of Peter Henderson Bryce, a photo of Spirit Bear, a photo of a forget-me-not (for Shannen’s Dream).

Awards & Scholarships

The Caring Society proudly acknowledges the work of individuals and groups, including children and youth, in working to support the best outcomes for Indigenous children and families.

simple illustration of many different coloured hands being held up in the air, volunteering. The hands in the foreground are all different bright colours. The hands in the background are shades of light grey

Volunteers & Students

The Caring Society is committed to working with young people in ways that uplift us all in working respectfully with First Nations children, youth and families.

geometric illustration of stylized people, each a different colour, arranged radially around a circle intended to represent the world

Become a Member

Become a member of the Caring Society.

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Thank you for your generous support! Your generosity helps support equity for First Nations children and young people, and reconciliation-based activities for all children in Canada.