Presentation Requests

Please follow-up with if you have not received a confirmation within 5 business days of submitting your presentation request.

Please note: Dr. Cindy Blackstock is not available for presentations at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

Caring Society staff are available to present at community forums, schools, post-secondary institutions, conferences, and other events.

For more information or to make a request, please fill out the form below.

Requirements for Presentations

Hosting organizations must: 

  • Provide LCD projector, screen, laptop computer with speakers or connected to in-house sound system and portable microphone.
  • Cover all costs for travel and per diem (in accordance with the Treasury Board of Canada).
  • Outline all pre-and post-conference needs at the time of the request with timelines. This could include: abstracts, photos, PowerPoint presentations, conference planning meetings, scheduled phone calls, video permissions, contracts, etc. We cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate further requests for information after your request is submitted.
  • Provide a speaking fee. They are as follows:
    • In person keynote for Dr. Blackstock - $5000 ; other staff members - $1200 - $1500 (option currently unavailable due to COVID-19)
    • Webinar for Dr. Blackstock - $2500/hour ; other staff members -  $500-750/hour
    • In person Touchstones of Hope facilitated session - please inquire
  • Provide speaking fees and other reimbursements payable to the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society.
  • Use the biographies from our website

Other requirements:

  • We are honoured when we receive gifts from hosting organizations. In the occasion that a larger gift is presented, please make arrangements with the Caring Society office to ship it.
  • If the hosting organization cancels a booked event, they will be required to give one month notice and cover all pre-existing/arranged travel expenses as well as a $500 cancellation fee. If a cancellation is made within the month leading up to the event, the hosting organization must provide full reimbursement as required as well as the full speaker's fee.
Person seated at conference table
I understand and agree to the above noted requirements – all requests can take up to 6 weeks to process

Please include name of the organizer. If event invoice will need to be directed to a different person (e.g. admin or financial assistant) please include this person's contact details as well.
Please include potential transit time and method if the location is not within 20 km of nearest international airport.

Conference/Presentation Information
Outline all pre-and post-presentation needs including: abstracts, photos, PowerPoint presentations, conference planning meetings, scheduled phone calls, video permissions, contracts, etc. We cannot guarantee requests for futher information made after the original request can be accommodated.

Presenter/Participant Information
Alternate Presenter
If your requested presenter is unavailable, would you accept an alternate representative from the Caring Society?
Approximate number of participants?

Travel Costs
Organizers will cover travel costs. Caring Society to pay and will get reimbursed.
The amount you can provide as a speaking fee to the Caring Society for the presentation.