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Welcome to Spirit Bear's website! On this site, you will find information about Spirit Bear's children's books, his calendar, the Spirit Bear Plan to end inequities in public services for First Nations children, youth and families, and much more. Thank you beary much for visiting!

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About Spirit Bear

A member of the Carrier Sekani Tribal Council, Spirit Bear represents the 165,000 First Nations children impacted by the First Nations child welfare case at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, as well as the thousands of other children who have committed to learning about the case and have taken part in peaceful and respectful actions in support of reconciliation and equity.


Spirit Bear joined the Caring Society team in 2008 and immediately committed himself to witnessing all of the Tribunal hearings. In June 2017, Spirit Bear was awarded an honourary "Bearrister" degree from Osgoode Law School. In October 2017, he was officially admitted to the “Bear” by the Indigenous Bar Association.


Latest News


  • The Spirit Bear Virtual School hosts various curriculum and learning guides for the Caring Society's campaigns, videos featuring educators with experience in reconciliation and social justice education, and links to many other resources to support your teaching and learning.



  • Spirit Bear's fourth film Spirit Bear: Echoes of the Past, is now available to watch for free on Spirit Bear TV!


  • Thank you to the Carrier Sekani Family Services and inPath for making Spirit Bear's official music video for his theme song called A Love We Know. Watch it now!


  • Help make Spirit Bear Day an official holiday across Canada! Learn more about how you can make this day an official holiday in your province or territory here

Spirit Bear Plan

End Inequalities in Public Services for First Nations Children, Youth and Families.


Spirit Bear and Children Make History Exhibit

Coming June 2024, the Spirit Bear and Children Make History exhibit is launching at The Exploration Place Museum & Science Centre in Prince George, BC! 



The Caring Society is thrilled to be working with Spotted Fawn Productions to produce three stop-motion films based on Spirit Bear’s picture books. Stop-motion animation is the process of bringing static objects to life through a series of photographs that are woven together with sound and digital backgrounds to create a film. 

Spirit Bear Virtual School button

Spirit Bear Virtual School

The Spirit Bear Virtual School supports educators across Canada in their learning and teaching about the Caring Society's campaigns and initiatives for social justice and reconciliation. At the Spirit Bear Virtual School, everyone has access to the Spirit Bear Beary Caring Curriculum, learning guides for the Caring Society’s campaigns, and many other helpful resources.


Books & Learning Guide

The Caring Society is proud to publish an award-winning picture book series written by Order of Canada recipient Cindy Blackstock (Gitxan Nation) and illustrated by Spotted Fawn Productions, led by Amanda Strong (Michif)! Every book is based on true events in relation to reconciliation education and it teaches all children and youth that, "just because you're small, doesn't mean you can't stand tall!" 


Spirit Bear Podcast

The Spirit Bear Podcast aims to help mobilize knowledge that promotes the wellbeing of First Nations children, young people, families and Nations.



Spirit Bear’s calendar guides supporters through 12 months of fun and meaningful reconciliation activities in support of equity for First Nations children.


Reconciliation Ambearristers

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Bear Friends


Bear Photo Album