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Publications Database

The publications database houses education resources, information sheets, guides and other information all related to Aboriginal children and families. 


The Caring Society follows OCAP principles and provides open access to all the documents included here.


Please use the search bar to find publications based on keywords or browse publications by type, age group, theme or publication year.

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Status of Jordan’s Principle Operational Backlogs
The Caring Society's Non-Compliance Motion v. Canada on Jordan's Principle Information Sheet
Caring Society News Release on the SCC Decision upholding Bill C-92
Notice of Motion Schedule for Non-Compliance Motion on Jordan's Principle
The Supreme Court of Canada Will Issue a Decision on Bill C-92 on February 9, 2024: What to Know
Caring Society's January 12, 2024 Affidavits in support of motion re Jordan's Principle
Federal Court Order re: Class Counsel Fees