Wen:de: We are Coming to the Light of Day / Wen: de: Nous voyons poindre la lumière du jour

In this report, Blackstock et.al. present findings from multidisciplinary research conducted with the help of experts in First Nations child welfare, community development, economics, management information systems, law, social work and management.  The report draws on information from the NPR to bring forth the development of three funding formula options to support policy and practice in First Nations child and family service agencies in Canada.  Information used includes research projects on the incidence and social work response to reports of child maltreatment respecting First Nations children, prevention services, jurisdictional issues, extraordinary circumstances, management information services, and small agencies.  The information from the research projects were complemented by the results of twelve case studies of First Nations child and family service agencies in Canada.  Blackstock et.al. use the Canadian Incidence Study to present information showing how First Nations children are over represented at every level of the child welfare decision making continuum including reports to child welfare, case substantiation rates, and admissions to child welfare care.


Blackstock, C,. Prakash, T., Loxley, J., Wien, F.

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First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada

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