Peter Henderson Bryce Award - 2017 Award Recipients

The P.H. Bryce Award Committee is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 P.H. Award for Children and Youth!

Award Recipients

  • Arctic Safety & Save Smarts teams

    Province or Territory: QC

    The children of Great Whale River in northern Quebec are saving lives. Following a tragic accident in the community, students of Asimauttaq School (Inuit) and Badabin Eeyou School (Cree), were invited to take part in a public health campaign to encourage helmet wearing when riding off-highway vehicles, such as skidoos and ATVs. The children from Asimauttaq School named themselves Artic Safety, while students from Badabin Eeyou School called themselves Save Smarts.
    The teams developed video and poster campaigns to educate community members, especially the younger generations, about the importance of wearing helmets. They met with local leaders, including police and emergency responders, and held fundraisers to finance the purchase of helmets until funding was secured. As a result, every school aged child in Great Whale River now has a helmet.
    The project was met with many challenges. To this day, very few people in Northern Quebec are seen wearing helmets. Helmets are costly (and not always available in local stores), and individuals can feel stigmatized when they’re the only person wearing one. While many of the children felt uncomfortable or judged by their classmates, they continued to wear their helmets because they knew that it was the right thing to do. Their efforts resonated with other youth in the community. Parents and teachers report that the Artic Safety and Save Smarts teams have inspired other young people to wear helmets, with life-saving results.
    The students of Artic Safety and Save Smarts have surpassed the adults in their community to become true ambassadors of prevention. We are proud to honour their remarkable leadership!

  • Guadelupe

    Province or Territory: BC

    Guadelupe is a hardworking, caring and compassionate young lady who has overcome many personal obstacles to lead by example and make a real difference in her community. Guadelupe’s passion for helping others was apparent from the first grade. Observing that not all her classmates had school supplies, Guadelupe, with the help of her parents, organized a bottle drive to fundraise the costs of purchasing school supplies for the children in her class and for the past eight years has continued to fundraise. She has since raised over $12,000. Guadelupe is also an active volunteer and public speaker. She speaks eloquently about the special educational circumstances of Indigenous youth from child welfare care, including her own experiences as a young person with multiple cognitive disabilities. Guadelupe dreams of become a Marine Biologist and has worked hard to excel in math and science. Her efforts have led to many awards and opportunities, including a scholarship to the NASA International Space Camp!

    Guadelupe is Fancy Shawl dancer who speaks and carries herself with respect and pride. Known for her indomitable spirit creativity and determination, Guadelupe is a positive role model for not only her younger brothers and Indigenous youth, but to everyone around her.

Honourable Mentions

  • Annika

    Province or Territory: AB

    Annika is an active and enthusiastic supporter of Indigenous cultures at school and in the community. She demonstrates drive, humility and generosity in her commitment to Indigenous initiatives and is an active member of her school’s student-led cultural exchange program, the Founding Cultures Club. Annika uses her skills, creativity and wide social network to bring people together to learn and grow. She is actively involved in promoting reconciliation within her school by organizing events and presenting to classes, staff and the parent council. Annika is involved in a variety of volunteer and extra-curricular activities. Compassionate, respectful and a natural leader, Annika is always ready to help others and is committed to supporting the rights of Indigenous peoples.

  • Jasmine

    Province or Territory: AB

    Jasmine is a powerful yet gentle advocate for Indigenous peoples in her community. As a key member of her school’s Founding Cultures Club, Jasmine has dedicated countless volunteer hours to the school and surrounding community. Jasmine is courageous, thoughtful and has demonstrated resilience and a remarkable sense of purpose in overcoming personal challenges and using these experiences to stand up for the well-being of others. Jasmine aspires to be a social worker and hopes to work with youth. Her desire to serve others is indicative of her ability to see beyond herself and extend her advocacy efforts. Genuine, kind and resourceful, Jasmine is an advocate for Indigenous children and youth in how she conducts herself, supports her family and cares for others in the community.

  • Kaylem

    Province or Territory: AB

    Kaylem is a passionate and enthusiastic advocate for Indigenous issues who plans to pursue a career in education as an Indigenous Studies teacher. An honours student, accomplished athlete and active volunteer, Kaylem has contributed to variety of school initiatives, including Metis cultural celebrations, presentations to staff and parent council on reconciliation and commemorating Aboriginal veterans at the school’s 2016 Remembrance Day ceremony. Kaylem is mindful and aware of the importance of voices being heard, possibilities explored and opportunities created. Honest, strong and courageous, Kaylem is described as person who raises others up. She uses her skills, creativity and knowledge to advocate for a greater understanding and appreciation of Indigenous history and points of view.

  • Sparrow

    Province or Territory: ON

    15-year old Sparrow is a passionate advocate for children and youth in care. As one of the leaders of the Windsor-Essex Children’s Aid Society Youth Advisory Committee, Sparrow works hard to raise awareness of issues pertaining to First Nations youth in care. She pushes herself to be the change she wishes to see in the world, despite the challenges and personal hardships she has faced. Once shy and withdrawn, Sparrow has blossomed into an outstanding leader and role model for First Nations, Metis and Inuit youth. She exemplifies the qualities of leadership, responsibility, discipline, perseverance and respect, and demonstrates the difference that empowered young people can make their communities. An inspiration to those around her, Sparrow is committed to learning, growing and using her voice as a proud First Nations youth.