Message from Shannen's Dream Spokesperson

Eleven years of broken promises, eleven years of negotiations. Yet, here we still stand waiting for our dreams to come true, waiting for what every child deserves.
It's not just about my community Attawapiskat any more, it's about ALL children in Canada who have the right to a "safe and comfy school."
Just like Rosa Parks as she started the civil rights movement, we have been sitting at the back of the school bus our entire lives. It was Shannen who rose and walked to the front of the bus, with the company of many children. The back was not a place where we wanted to be, where NO ONE should be.
Shannen's Dream is now the biggest movements for children by children in Canadian history. To ensure that equitable funding, proper resources and facilities are accessible to children, right where they are. Then please join hands with us in solidarity, as we make sure that every child has equal rights as any other Canadian citizen.

Chelsea Edwards, Shannen’s Dream Spokesperson