I am a witness - About Being a 'witness'

What does it mean to be a witness?

By being a witness you are making a commitment to follow the case by either coming to watch the tribunal in person or by following it in your local media. As a caring Canadian, we invite you to follow this historic case and then decide for yourself whether or not you feel the federal government is treating First Nations children fairly today.


Who can be a witness?

Anyone can be a witness. To sign up to be a witness, click the Sign Up to Support Our Campains buttons on the right. You will be given the option of listing your name on the list of supporters and an option of listing the organization you are affiliated with but this is not required in order to register your support. We will keep track of how many people sign regardless of whether they want their names listed or not on so you can see the witness community grow.

Caring organizations can also register and will be given an option of publically listing their organization on our list of Witnesses.

You can also click to Ways to Participate in the right sidebar for other ways to support the campaign.


How can I follow the case?

As a witness, we ask you to turn to your local media, the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and this website for updated information on the tribunal as it occurs. We will do our best to ensure this historic story is covered and you can help by alerting your local media sources.


Why will being a witness help?

It is when caring citizens do not engage that the most horrible human rights abuses can happen. As a witness you are sending a message that you care about all children being treated fairly and equitably by governments. 

Share what you think about the First Nations child welfare case with #Witness4FNKids on Twitter, Facebook or other social media. 


Does it cost anything?