First Peoples Child & Family Review

Honouring Voices of All Ages

The First Peoples Child & Family Review (FPCFR) is an interdisciplinary journal that honours the voices, perspectives and knowledges of First Peoples through research, critical analyses, community stories and artistic expression.

The FPCFR accepts submissions in different formats (video, voice recording, written) and in various languages: English, French or Indigenous languages (with English translation provided). We welcome submissions by academics, Elders, community members and we highly encourage children and youth to contribute to our FPCFR community. In 2014, we had a Special Edition by children and youth and plan to do another one like it in 2017. Each issue since 10(2) has featured a submission from a young person and we will continue to mentor young writers as we progress with the FPCFR!   

To access the current issue of the FPCFR or browse the archives, visit: Submission opportunities are listed under 'Announcements.'

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The principles of Ownership, Control, Access, and Possession are the standards for conducting research with First Nations. To learn more visit:


The Caring Society would like to acknowledge the generous support of SSHRC for the First Peoples Child & Family Review.