The Caring Society is thrilled to be working with Spotted Fawn Productions to produce two stop-motion films based on Spirit Bear’s first two children's books. Stop-motion animation is the cinematic process of bringing static objects – like puppets – to life. Puppets will be combined with digital backgrounds to tie the scenes together.

Led by Michif artist Amanda Strong (the same artist who illustrated Spirit Bear’s books), Spotted Fawn Productions has been hard at work on the films since early 2018, writing the scripts, developing concept art and building sets and puppets.

Rather than seek professional voice actors, the films will be voiced by children, youth and adults who have been actively involved in the movement for equity for First Nations children – either by following the case for First Nations kids at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal or through the Shannen’s Dream campaign.

The Caring Society is committed to honouring the transmission of knowledge through diverse formats, such as film, music, parades, community events and oral communication. In addition, we recognize that many children have learning disabilities that make traditional learning methods like reading and writing difficult. We hope that Spirit Bear’s films will help engage an even wider audience in the movement for equity for First Nations kids, while also honouring other important ways of teaching and learning such as storytelling and visual media.

The first film, based on Spirit Bear and Children Make History, is set for release in time for Bear Witness Day on May 10, 2020.