• Beechwood Cemetery's Summer 2020 Magazine: Read this brief article by Cindy Blackstock about the Reconciling History Program and how it hearkens to calls for Canadians to holistically assess historical figures' legacies and impact. 

  • The decades-long battle to achieve fairness for Indigenous kids in Canada: CBC The Sunday Edition interviews Cindy Blackstock about her fight to dismantle the systemic racism plaguing the lives of First Nations children and her hopes for a better future.

  • Colonial Rule of Law: This learning series is intended to inspire people to continue learning about Canada's relationship with Indigenous peoples and the colonial use of "rule of law." 

  • Dr. Peter Bryce (1853–1932): whistleblower on residential schools: This article links the story of Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce to the federal government's October 2019 decision to appeal the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling that found Canada to be discriminating against First Nations children.

  • How a Cemetery Breathed Life Into Reconciliation: This article shows that it is better to improve how we teach future generations, rather than trying to forget the past. Using the resting places of Dr. P.H. Bryce and Duncan Campbell Scott at Beechwood Cemetery as an opportunity to tell their balanced and complete stories, this article demonstrates that reconciliation must move beyond describing the past to learning from the past.

  • Pushed out and silenced: CBC Unreserved discusses how the whistleblower Dr. Peter Henderson Bryce was punished for speaking out about residential schools.

  • History Through a Native Lens: Explore this chronological timeline of Native American resistance movements, events and colonial policies.

  • The Forgotten History of the Native Americans Who Helped the Underground Railroad: Read about how Native Americans assisted freedom seekers in pre-Civil War United States, an early example of the coexistence and cooperation between African Americans and Native Americans.

  • #IsItGenocide: Explore this learning series of historical documents by Dr. Cindy Blackstock organized according to Gregory Stanton's 10 Stages of Genocide. The learning series is intended to inspire people to continue learning about Canada's historic and contemporary relationship with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples as they consider the question, "Is it genocide?"