Reconciliation Ambearristers

The Reconciliation Ambearristers Program invites groups to host one of our Reconciliation Ambearristers (ambassadors + barristers) who will guide you through a year of free ways to make a difference for First Nations children and promote the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action. Hosting groups are urged to “teach” the bear Indigenous languages and stories, and make sure it joins in cultural activities so it becomes a well known Reconciliation Ambearrister in the community! Bears have already gone as far as Australia!

Groups and their bears are required to work alongside Elders and update the Caring Society on what they have been learning. After their time with their bear, groups must write a letter or prepare a video explaining all they have learnt and their Ambearrister’s story. Groups can keep their Ambearrister if they are able to provide the Caring Society with another plush animal (teddy bear, bunny rabbit, etc) to send to another school. 


  1. Groups must work with an Elder to organize a naming ceremony for their bear and describe why the name was chosen.
  2. Groups must clothe the bear to reflect their name and the local culture by working with communities or with Elders.
  3. Groups must teach their bear about the culture and language of the local territory. In return, the bear will teach the school about reconciliation.
  4. Groups must learn about the issues pertaining to Indigenous children and come up with an initiative to make a difference or participate in one of the initiatives created by the Caring Society.
  5. Groups must try to update the Caring Society on the well-being of the bears with pictures and videos.
  6. Groups may keep the bear if they are able to provide the Caring Society with another plush animal (teddy bear, bunny rabbit, etc) accompanied by a letter from the group detailing their experience so that other groups can get a sense of how the Reconciliation Ambearrister program works and where the new teddy is from!

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