Touchstones for Leadership Curriculum

The Touchstones for Leadership curriculum has been incorporated as a resource in the Touchstones of Hope Tool Kit because we believe that reconciliation is much more than an event.

The Touchstones for Leadership: Reconciliation in Child Welfare is an engaging curriculum that intends to bring together leaders in Child Welfare from the community and the child welfare system for the purposes of moving forward together on a new path for the well-being of children, families and communities.

The curriculum is divided into 5 modules based upon the Touchstones of Hope principles: culture and language, holistic approach, non-discrimination, self determination and structural interventions. Each of the modules can be used individually or in sequence.

There are a number of activities within each of the modules that are intended to bring the participants through the four phases of Reconciliation: Truth Telling, Acknowledging, Restoring and Relating. The curriculum is available from the Caring Society.