Touchstones of Hope - Youth Curriculum

Touchstones for Youth Curriculum: Reconciliation in Indigenous Child Welfare 


The Caring Society believes that youth should be involved in decision making and in dreaming for healthy children, youth and families. Therefore, the Touchstones for Youth Curriculum is now a part of the Touchstones of Hope Tool Kit.


The Touchstones for Youth Curriculum: Reconciliation in Indigenous Child Welfare is intended for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth ages 15-24. The goal of the curriculum is to:

  • Prepare young people to facilitate reconciliation gatherings in their communities
  • Encourage youth to develop leadership skills to help improve the health of their organizations and communities
  • Create dialoge around issues of concern in child welfare, including how to use the Touchstones of Hope to improve the child welfare system.

The curriculum is designed to be delivered over a two day long workshop and provide practical opportunities for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth to learn about the process of reconciliation while exploring each of the Touchstones of Hope principles: self-determination, culture and language, holistic approach, structural interventions, and non-discrimination.

By the end of the training, participants will have a better understandning of why reconciliation is important and how reconciliation will result in better outcomes for Indigenous children and young people in child welfare, and more broadly in other areas affecting children.

The curriculum was written by Melanie Ferris, with the assistance of Tee Copenace and a sample can be viewed by clicking on the links below or images to the right. Please contact the Caring Society to request a complete copy of the curriculum.


Question about the Touchstones of Hope? Contact:
Marc St. Dennis
Reconciliation and Research Coordinator


Please note: permission from First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada is required to use the contents in these documents.

Touchstones for Youth Curriculum (sample): Module 1
Touchstones for Youth Curriculum (sample): Module 2