Touchstones of Hope - Toolkit

The Touchstones of Hope movement encourages meaningful collaboration with others devoted to helping make sure Indigenous children and families are healthy a living with dignity and respect. This is why the Caring Society created resources that will enable communities and organizations to build momentum toward reconciliation in their own context by using the Touchstones of Hope principles: self-determination, culture and language, holistic approach, structural interventions, and non-discrimination.

In 2012, the Caring Society created a tool kit to assist child welfare agencies and organizations work with communities to develop vision plans to ensure that all Indigenous children have the same opportunities to succeed as others. Starting in 2018, we have been re-developing the Reconciliation in Child Welfare tool kit as well as developing tool kits for Reconciliation in Canada and Children and Youth + Reconciliation. 

Each tool kit will have how-to guides as well as resources to help in the movement (budgets for events, editable presentations and documents, and other resources). The how-to guides will be available online and organizations/individuals can contact us to request the complete tool kits (all coming soon!). 

  • Reconciliation in Child Welfare - How-to Guide (download below)
  • Reconciliation in Canada - How-to Guide - Coming soon!
  • Children and Youth + Reconciliation - How-to Guide - Coming soon!
Andrea Auger
Reconciliation and Research Manager