Touchstones of Hope - Toolkit

The Touchstones of Hope movement encourages meaningful collaboration with others who are devoted to ensuring that all Indigenous children and families are healthy a living with dignity and respect. This is why the Caring Society created a resource that will enable leaders to build momentum toward reconcliation in their own context by using the Touchstones of Hope principles: self-determination, cutture and language, holistic approach, structural interventions, and non-discrimination.

The Touchstones of Hope Toolkit is divided into four components. Each section includes an introduction and detailed explanation of the resources (who and what) that are needed in order to move forward with reconciliation.


Starting a Reconciliation Journey

This section is designed to inform the deicsion to proceed with the Touchstones of Hope movement. The Caring Society firmly beleives that Indigenous peoples are in the best position to decide what is best for Indigenous children, families, and communities; this is why we suggest beginning with a Touchstones of Hope Information Session, so that communities or organizations can decide for themselves whether or not the Touchstones of Hope principles and reconciliation process would be beneficial for their particular context.

Travelling the River

This section is desinged to assist communities or organizations in continuing to build the framework of their Touchstones of Hope movement. This includes training Touchstones of Hope facilitators and advise for dissminating information and promoting your movement.

Grassroots Reconciliation

This section is designed to assist communities or organizations in delivering their own Engagement and Leadership sessions. These sessions enable trained Touchstones of Hope facilitators to work with natural and elected leaders to create community or organization specific visions and next steps for reconciliation.


One of the most asked questions regarding the Touchstones of Hope reconciliation process is, "What makes this diferent?" The Caring Society beleives that reconciliation involves everyone and requires follow up to ensure that it is a continued initiative. With that in mind, this section is designed to provide communities and organizations with tools and resources that will assist with follow up, action planning, and evaluation.


The forward for each section of the Toolkit can be viewed by clicking on the links below. Please contact the Caring Society to request a complete copy of the Toolkit.


Questions about the Touchstones of Hope? Contact:


Andrea Auger
Reconciliation and Research Manager

Please note: permission from the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada is required to use the material in these documents.