Teddy Bear Tea Party

Teddy Bear tea parties are a fantastic way to celebrate Bear Witness Day, and many of our other activities. Tea parties are already so much fun, why not include our teddy bears?

Tea parties can be simple or as detailed as you’d like, here are some ideas:

  • Invite your friends to bring their teddy bears with them.
  • Serve tea or juice, with cookies and snacks.
  • Create your own Bear crown with the template below! Watch the tutorial video here.
  • Colour in and fill out our Bear Witness Day crossword, download below.
  • Honour Jordan River Anderson and to learn more about Jordan's Principle.
  • Learn more about Spirit Bear and consider signing up for the Reconciliation Am'bear'rister program! 

Don't forget to tweet and post your photos using the hashtags #JordansPrinciple and #BearWitnessDay.