Reconciliation & Young People

Reconciliation is about all of us, including Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal children and youth. We believe that reconciliation will happen when all people know about the history, successes and challenges of Aboriginal peoples today, and have peace-building and citizenship skills to ensure a better future for all people. 

We welcome children and youth to actively participate in reconciliation and the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's report so that they can teach other students. The teachings of children can help in the classroom and can uplift and encourage all of us to make a difference. 

What's Going On?!

The 7th Generation Our Ancestors Prayed For

The 7th Generation Our Ancestors Prayed For is a child-friendly film about Reconciliation and children's perspectives about the top TRC Calls to Action (child welfare, access to services and education). This film is part of the {Re}conciliation film project which features many resources by children and youth on the TRC and reconciliation. Watch these short vignettes (also on our YouTube channel):

Reconciliation Begins With You and Me

Listen to young people describe what reconciliation means to them and how we can all play a role in reconciliation in our newly released film Reconciliation Begins with You and Me.
Thank you to the Lillian Meighen and Don Wright Foundation, and to filmmaker Rhiana Chinapen, for helping make this film a reality. 
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Theland shares his thoughts on reconciliation
Jenna from Reconciliation Begins with You and Me