Moving toward reconciliation in Ontario’s publicly funded schools

This article draws on information from three documents related to reconciliation in Ontario’s public education system. Specifically, the article focuses on the work that needs to be done in Indigenous education to improve both the achievement gap of Indigenous students as well as the knowledge gap of all students on the cultures, experiences and perspectives of Indigenous people. This document briefly summarizes information from three documents on reconciliation in education: the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Calls to Action on Education; data on the implementation of Ontario’s provincial Indigenous education policy from a 2016 Annual School Survey; and a paper by Dr. Pamela Toulouse on the benefits of the Indigenous approach to education and the importance of broader goals for the public education system. The article summarizes evidence that progress is being made to reduce the achievement and knowledge gaps in Indigenous education, and closes with several recommendations for moving forward in reconciliation in Ontario’s publicly funded education system. 


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