Incremental Equality = Discrimination: First Nations and Public Services

Dr. Alika Lafontaine and Dr. Cindy Blackstock speak about the problems with incremental equality in public services for First Nations children, families, and communities.

Dr. Alika Lafontaine is an award-winning physician, public speaker and alignment consultant. In 2016, he won the “Great Healthcare Debate” on behalf of the Indigenous Health Alliance, a competition voted on by more than 700 health leaders from across Canada.

Dr. Cindy Blackstock has 25 years of social work experience in child protection and Indigenous children's rights, and is a widely sought after public speaker. She is a respected advocate for First Nations children and youth, widely known for holding the Canadian government to account for systemic discrimination against First Nations children and families.

FNCARES co-hosted this public lecture with the University of Alberta’s Division of Community Engagement, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, and the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights. Thanks to Dr. Jennifer Tupper, Dean of Education, for welcoming guests and giving the land acknowledgement, and to Charis Auger, Indigenous Peer Support Worker with the C.H.E.W. Project/iSMSS, for introducing the speakers and facilitating the Q & A.


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