I am a witness - Participate

People of all ages and organizations can help ensure First Nations children receive equitable child welfare services on reserve. Here's how you can help:

  1. Sign up to be a witness! People of all ages and organizations can sign up - it is free and takes under two minutes!

  2. Encourage people and organizations in your circle to sign up to be a witness.

  3. Write to Member of Parliament and to the Prime Minister and demand that the federal government withdraw its motion to dismiss the tribunal and let Canadians hear the facts! Please copy us on any emails or letters at info@fncaringsociety.com.

  4. Hold a brown bag lunch at your workplace, school or neighbourhood to raise awareness about the tribunal.

  5. Make a donation to support the ongoing work for equitable services for First Nations children.

  6. Buy an 'I am a witness' button and spread the word.

  7. Tribunal Hearings are open to the public! You can Witness the Tribunal in person or on the APTN website. 

  8. Use #Witness4FNKids to share what you think about what you've witnessed on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media.