School is a Time for Dreams

When I grow up, I want to be...

Every child in Canada has a right to quality education, but for First Nations children, this right is not always upheld. Many First Nations young people do not get the same opportunities to learn or to achieve their dreams as others do because of inequities in First Nations education.


While on-reserve schools are required to deliver the same curricula and services as provincial and territorial schools, they are not provided with the same funding. In fact, schools on reserves, which are funded by the federal government, get significantly less funding per student than provincially and territorially funded schools. This means that First Nations children and youth across Canada are denied a proper education and adequate support because they are First Nations and living on a reserve. 


Shannen Koostachin, founder of Shannen's Dream for safe and comfy schools, wanted all children to be able to live their dreams. School is a Time for Dreams invites people from all over the country to support equitable education for First Nations and all young people in the country.


Ways to Participate:

Step One: Education


Step Two: Spread Awareness

  • Promote Shannen’s belief that every kid deserves to live their dream with the "When I grow up, I want to be..." sheet (download below). Share your dream with others in your classroom or on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtags #ShannensDream #RêvedeShannen.

  • Host a socially-distanced or virtual Shannen's Dream gathering. This can be an assembly where students stand tall and share why its important for all children in Canada to have safe and comfy schools. Children and youth can also make posters and PSAs. 


Step Three: Take Action

  • Send letters to your elected officials and help raise awareness so that all First Nations children in Canada can live their dreams and have access to equitable education, too!


Reconciliation is all of us. Read this information sheet for ways you can help make a difference.