Ayez un coeur - Procurez-vous des cartes de St-Valentin

Malheureusement, les cartes de la Journée Ayez un coeur sont en anglais seulement. Nos excuses!

Send Valentine Cards that help First Nations children to grow up safely with their families, get a good education, be healthy and proud of who they are.

Packages include 4 cards, 4 envelopes, 4 seals and instructions for where to send the cards. Each card has a different image and includes a template inside to send a message to your Member of Parliament or Prime Minister, asking them to have a heart for First Nations children. Packages are available for $10.00 each + shipping costs (if applicable).

All proceeds go to support the Caring Society's reconciliation campaigns.

To order your Valentines Cards, send an email to Jocelyn Wattam at jwattam@fncaringsociety.com