#Waiting4UCanada: 10th anniversary of First Nations child welfare case

23 February 2017

February 23, 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of the filing of the case on First Nations child welfare. Read the Assembly of First Nations press release - February 23, 2017.

Ten years is a long time, especially in the life of a child. Thousands of First Nations children have grown up and continue to grow up with inequitable services and fewer opportunities to grow up safely at home. As part of the #Waiting4UCanada campaign, we invite you to consider what has happened in the past ten years of your life. Use the hashtag #Waiting4UCanada on Twitter and social media to share milestones, developmental achievements or historical events in yours and your family’s lives. Ten years is far too long for a child to wait for equity!

Tribunal Hearings

The compliance hearings happened March 22-24, 2017 to see if the federal government has complied with the Tribunal ruling (2016 CHRT 2) and two orders that followed. The decision is under reserve - stay updated on the witness home page, on Twitter (@Caringsociety) and on Facebook (/CaringSociety).

Missed the hearings? Watch the archives here:

ENG: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/english1.html
FR: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/francais1.html
ENG: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/english2.html
FR: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/francais2.html
ENG: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/english3.html
FR: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/francais3.html
ENG: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/english4.html
FR: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/francais4.html
ENG: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/english5.html
FR: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/francais5.html
ENG: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/english6.html
FR: http://video.isilive.ca/fncs/2017-03/francais6.html