Educational Resources

Engaging young people in reconciliation and social justice nurtures compassion and moral courage, and bolsters self-confidence. At the Caring Society, we support educators in providing opportunities for young people to take part in activities that foster reconciliation and culturally based equity for Indigenous children and youth. 

The Caring Society aims to identify quality resources to individuals everywhere. Below are a list of resources for youth, students, educators and families to incorporate into their studies and everyday life. Ranging from Early Childhood to Post-Secondary our selection of books, films, educational programs and toolkits will surely be a good start for those seeking to get a better understanding of Indigenous children and their families. 

Resources by Age Group

Senior Grades (14-18)


  • 40 Years after the International Year of the Child
    Published by: First Nations Chid & Family Caring Society of Canada
    Year Published: 2019
    Cindy Blackstock and Brittany Mathews
    A response to the work of the Canadian Commission for the International Year of the Child and its 1979 report, For Canada's Children: A National...
    Theme: Child & youth engagement | Child rights | Child welfare | Equality/equity | First Nations | Health | Human rights | Indian Residential Schools | Inuit | Jordan's Principle | Mental Health | Métis | Poverty | Shannen's Dream | Social justice