Caring Across the Boundaries (CAB)

Caring Across the Boundaries (CAB) preceded the Touchstones of Hope and aimed to bring together individuals from First Nations communities, First Nations child and family service providers and voluntary sector organizations. The goal of CAB is to expand the range of resources available to First Nations children, youth and families living on reserve through education, collaboration, relationship building and networking. The CAB program consists of 1.5 day training where the Voluntary sector participants learn about Aboriginal peoples for a half day and individuals from First Nations communities and from First Nations child and family service providers learn about the Voluntary sector. The second day is a day of collaboration and it provides an opportunity for both groups to come together to build relationships, to network and to plan next steps. There was also a Youth focus component of CAB.

The curriculum documents are still available from the Caring Society and if you are interested in obtaining copies of the primers for the CAB or the Youth Focus programs, please do not hesitate to contact us at