7 Free Ways to Make a Difference

  • I am a witness

    In January 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled the Canadian government discriminates against First Nations children by inequitably funding child welfare services and by failing to implement fully Jordan's Principle. Stay on top of the case, and join the movement

  • Jordan's Principle
    Jordan’s Principle makes sure First Nations children receive the care and services they need, when they need them—without denial, delay, or disruption. 
  • Shannen's Dream for Safe and Comfy Schools

    Shannen Koostachin, a youth education advocate from of the Attawapiskat First Nation in Ontario, had a dream: safe and comfy schools and culturally based education for First Nations children and youth. 

  • Touchstones of Hope

    https://fncaringsociety.com/touchstones-hope-backgroundThe Touchstones of Hope are a set of principles to guide a reconciliation process for those involved in Indigenous child welfare activities to have respectful and truthful conversations about child welfare in order to create a new reality for Indigenous children. 

  • Child and Youth Engagement

    Engaging and uplifting children and youth in culturally-based equity and social justice movements provides young people with the opportunity to collaborate, think creatively about the future, and inspire hope for others in making a difference for First Nations children and their families. 

  • Many Hands, One Dream

    Many Hands, One Dream is a long-term initiative to generate commitment, foster collaboration, and develop and implement solutions that will improve the health of Aboriginal children and youth in Canada.

  • #CSGALA2018
    10th Annual Caring Society Gala

    Save the date! Join us for the 10th annual gala in support of the Caring Society in Winnipeg, MB, on October 18th! 

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